Blue eye on grey background


Overlapping eye lids and bags do not look aesthetically well on anybody's face. At the bottom and top lids there is sooner or later skin excess developed that can reach up to the lashes and practically hide the lid beneath. The appearance of swollen pouch often develops on the lower ones.

At our clinic we provide the eyelid operation by using the latest methods - either by laser assisted operation or the classic way.

Before the operation

Procedure is performed under local anesthesia. We recommend the patient stops using any homeopathy treatment, vitamins and other supplements at least 3 weeks before the operation. Do not drink any coffee on the day of the operation.


"Laser" operation of the upper eyelids was done in our clinic in the year 1997 and nowadays it is considered to be one of the most frequently provided operations. It has gained its popularity among our clients by its painlessness, fast performance, and minimal post-surgery complications such as swelling and bruises. The effect of the surgery lasts much longer when done by laser assisted operation rather than by a classical operation.

The cut of the laser scalpel on the upper lid goes along the face line of the lid so within a short time it is not visible. At the bottom lid the cut goes immediately under the lashes so it is also not apparent.

"Laser" operation of the bottom lids is also done in a "hidden way", without any visible surgical wound because the operation access is gained through the inner side of the lid.

Possible complications

Minimal bleeding, small bruising

After the operation

Your eyes will be swollen and bruised and you may have small strips of sterile tape (steri-strips) applied over your stitches. You surgeon will have applied ointment to help stop your eyes from drying out and to prevent infection.