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Nose is a very prominent feature of the face which is why many patients wish to have a corrective surgery to improve the shape. Rhinoplasty otherwise known as surgical shaping of the nose is not always just performed for the aesthetic reasons but it can also improve patients breathing.

Before the operation

The operation is done under general anaesthesia with 1-2 days of hospitalization at the clinic. Prior to the operation full pre-op checks are required, including blood tests. In patients older than 35 years old a lung and heart scan is also required.


The extent of the surgery is very individual for each patient. The incisions are made inside the nostrils and the scars are therefore not visible.

Tampons are inserted inside the nose and are usually removed two days after the surgery. Patient also receives a plaster cast on the nose. This cast is removed usually two weeks after the surgery.

Possible complications

Very little bleeding and possible thrombosis as with any operation

After the operation

Post-surgical phase and recuperation is every patient's individual process. In general we can however say that the earliest we can evaluate the results of the operation is about three weeks after the operation. Patients are advised to apply cold compress to ease the possible bruising around the eyes. After the cast is removed patient can gently massage the area around the nose. Quite often patients don’t experience any pain after the surgery.