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Weight Loss Surgery is a tool which is designed to help you to achieve your long term goals. However, surgery alone will not give you the desired outcome if you don't change your eating habits and your lifestyle. We work with a team of nutritionists and dietitians, who will guide you through this challenging yet very exciting period in your life.


This diet is very important in helping to reduce the size of your liver, and reduce enzyme levels sufficiently to make safe surgery possible. A smaller liver makes the operation easier to perform and safer as the liver can be brittle if it contains a lot of fat and this makes it more vulnerable to damage.

Here are some very basic menu suggestions as a guide, but remember the main point is very low fat intake, low calorie (about 1000 cal. per day) and high protein (at about 50% of your daily calorie intake). It might help you to take
protein in the form of protein shakes/powder, such as body-builders use. This
can be bought in most health stores (look for “Whey Protein Isolate” or “Soya
Protein Powder – they usually come in Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry flavours – rather like Slim-Fast):


  • Small bowl of cereal

  • or 1 slice of toast with a scraping of low fat spread –not butter

  • Small bowl of low fat yoghurt with fruit

Healthy Breakfast
Salmon Breast


  • 1 slice bread or 2 crispbreads

  • Small portion lean meat or fish

  • or  Small portion cheese

  • or 2 eggs (not fried) Green salad or tomatoes (no dressing)


  • Small portion lean meat or fish

  • or Small portion low fat cheese

  • or 2 eggs

  • or Tofu

  • or Quorn based dish 1 small potato or 2 tablespoonfuls pasta or rice Vegetables (as many as you like except for high carbohydrate root vegetables – e.g. Potatoes)

Fresh Green Salad with Feta