October 2017

18 months ago, with the help of BodyClinique, I had a Gastric Sleeve resection, which went extremely well.

After losing a lot of weight, I was left with loose, saggy skin around my abdomen, that needed removal, so I contacted Katerina at BodyClinique early in 2017.


After sending over some photos, showing what needed to be removed, we set a date with Dr Paciorek, the surgeon in the Czech Republic, for October 2017 to have an Abdominal Tummy Tuck. Dr Paciorek quite rightly suggested that the autumn would be better for the operation as I would most likely be uncomfortable recuperating during the heat of the summer.


Katerina arranged my flight from Luton Airport to Katowice in Poland, where I was once again met by Katerina and he father, Lubos.

After a short drive in to the Czech Republic, I was taken to a lovely hotel in Karviná to stay the night, before heading to Ostrava the following day to meet Dr Paciorek.


We arrived in the afternoon at the University Hospital in Ostrava where I was taken to my private room and to meet Dr Paciorek.


I found Dr Paciorek to be an engaging person, who genuinely has your best interests at heart. We discussed what the procedure would be and he openly answered any questions I had.

Later in the day, I met with Martin, who works alongside Katerina. He would be my first point of contact during my stay in Czech. We got on very well, and Martin would be there to come and visit me each day, checking up on my progress, and would offer to bring me anything I needed from outside the hospital. He would be key in translating anything I needed to know into English.


On the day of the operation, Dr Paciorek checked that I was OK and he drew on my abdomen where the skin needed to be removed from.

At 1.30pm I was taken to the operating theatre and prepped for surgery. The anaesthetist spoke to me in English and told me what she was going to do. I felt very calm and before I knew it, I was awoken by the team. The operation was complete.


I was taken back to my room and was made comfortable. I had pain relief, but if I am honest, I don’t recall being in any pain at all. I was wearing an abdominal compression belt and was slightly inclined in my bed. On the second day, I was encouraged to get out of bed and walk to the toilet. From then on, I was encouraged to walk further, and along the corridor of the ward, which I did several times a day.

The staff were AMAZING! Although English is not their first language, we managed to communicate well, and I was blown away by their compassion, patience and understanding. I feel I formed a bond with a couple of the nurses and we had fun using Google Translate on the iPhone to communicate anything that was required. But to be fair, they knew exactly what I needed or not needed 99% of the time.


Dr Paciorek saw me every morning and checked my wounds, and cleaned them. I was amazed at just how neat the incision lines were.

I took my laptop with me and watched some TV box sets and films to while away the time, in between walking along the corridor of the ward. Martin also visited me daily and we had some great conversations. He is a very engaging person as well and he too has a genuine interest in my well-being.


I stayed in the hospital for 5 days after the operation before I was moved to a lovely hotel in the town of Štramberk, which is a small town in the Moravian-Silesian Region. It was here I would stay for the next 5 days, with regular contact with Katerina and Dr Paciorek by phone and with Martin visiting each day. I was able to go out and about, albeit quite gingerly, and explore the beautiful town. I must stress that it is important to get as much rest as possible, and not to exert any strain on the abdomen, but personally I felt that the fresh air and light walking helped to speed up my recovery.


On the Wednesday I was driven by Katerina’s father and Martin back to the hospital, where I had a check up with Dr Paciorek, and again on the Friday to have my stitches removed.

After saying a massive thank you to Dr Paciorek and to his staff at the hospital, I was taken back to the hotel and the following day, Lubos and Martin drove me to Katowice airport to fly home to the UK.

I was very sad to say goodbye to these 2 great gentlemen, whom I had formed a trusting bond with over the 2 weeks (I had met Lubos on my first trip to Czech).

Upon my arrival home, Katerina checked in with me to make sure everything was OK, and that has continued for the following week. Dr Paciorek has been in touch via email, checking up on me and I have been sending him photographic updates and we are both extremely pleased with the results.


3 weeks to the day, I had my belly button stitches removed and everything is fine.

I have had no pain, or any complications. The Abdominal band takes a bit of getting used to but I get on with it. Time is passing so fast, and it’s only a couple of weeks before I can remove it at night and by Christmas I won’t have to wear it again.


I am over the moon with the results. I cannot thank BodyClinique, Katerina, Lubos and Martin enough for arranging everything, and looking after me. And also not forgetting Dr Paciorek and his team for doing an outstanding job. 100% total satisfaction.

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November 2016

I'd been wanting the Vertical sleeve gastrectomy for a few years. I asked my insurance 3 times over the last few years, if I would qualify and I was rejected all three times (twice because I wasn't heavy enough and the last time because I'm moving soon (at the time I still had 6 months left in Europe). So I went in search of how much the cost was in Europe. I found out that in the Czech it was 1/4th the cost as it is in the US. So I sent Katerina an inquiry and she got back to me very fast. I wasn't really expecting this to happen so fast or at all. I was pretty hopeless. Before I knew it I had paid the money and had plane tickets. When the time came I flew over to the Czech. I was getting over a cold and still had a pretty ugly cough so they wouldn't do the surgery (Thank goodness! After knowing what it was like to get the surgery I'm so glad I didn't do it with a cough!). So we rescheduled for a month later and so I flew back again. Katerina couldn't meet me this time but her dad and friend met me at the airport and drove me to the hotel and I walked to the hospital the next day. Katerina was always calling the hospital and checking in on me everyday. The nurses are very friendly and they helped me every step of the way. The next day after all my tests were cleared I had my surgery. It still doesn't feel real to me that I had VSG finally. Before the surgery with my two pre-op diets I managed to lose 21lbs on my own and today I'm one month out and I lost 20lbs more since my surgery and so I'm down 41lbs in just 4 months. I think Dr Cierny did a PERFECT job! I have never gotten sick from eating and I can't over eat. I'm healing SUPER fast and the stitches on my tummy healed so fast and well. The holes will one day be invisible. If you're reading this, thinking about getting weight loss surgery with Katerina and Dr Cierny then all I have to say is to not worry about anything, just go for it. It was really easy going. The people are all awesome. Dr Cierny is an expert in his field. The surgery is not so much painful as it is uncomfortable. After the 1st or 2nd day I was feeling almost my old self. I didn't have gas like I read so much about. It just felt like I worked out SUPER hard so I was sore for a few days. after 6 or 7 days I felt normal again. Funny thing about pain and comfort is that once it's gone you tend to not remember it. If you're afraid, try not to be. Dr Cierny is fabulous. Katerina is amazing and does her job wonderfully. She makes you feel like family.



April 2016

I started researching my Bariatric Surgery a number of years ago. Through 2 friends, I was told about Dr Michal Čierny. Once I had research him , I learned about his connection with BodyClinique. In January 2016 I contacted BodyClinique and was introduced to Katerina Beckles, who is based in the UK. I enquired about my Bariatric Surgery and whether it was something that BodyClinique were able to assist me with. The whole process was very simple. I submitted questionnaire and a couple of photographs showing that I was overweight. Katerina was my single point of contact throughout and it was reassuring that there was someone that I could contact and speak to directly. Over a number of emails and telephone conversations, I learned more about what my surgery involved and the process of what I could expect post op. again, Katerina was with me every step of the way, promptly answering my emails and accepting my telephone calls. In April 2016 I flew to Brno in the Czech Republic. All of the transport and accommodation was arranged by Katerina, and I was met by Katerina at the airport in Brno. We drove to Břeclav where I enjoyed a meal with Katerina and she really put me at ease. I wasn’t particularly nervous of my operation, but nevertheless, I was put at ease and told more about the procedure that I was due to have. On the Monday, I was accompanied by Katerina to the hospital where she introduced me to the ward staff and to Dr. Čierny.  Katerina also accompanied me to all of the pre-op tests, and again she was very easy to talk to and made the process of waiting and attending the tests very simple. I had my operation on the Tuesday and the staff at the hospital were great. Katerina telephoned me several times a day to ensure that I was fine and if I needed anything. I was fine, and I had a comfortable stay at the hospital. Katerina collected me from the ward on the Friday and drove me to Brno airport and arranged special assistance for me with the airline at no extra cost to myself. Once home, I was again contacted by Katerina to ensure that I was doing well and to see if I needed anything. Overall - I cannot praise BodyClinique highly enough for their help, support, organisation and assistance through my weightless journey. Their professionalism is second to none and I can recommend their services totally.


January 2016

I had a gastric plication with dr Cierny in Breclav hospital, Czech republic on 5 January. The first 2 days, I felt terrible, but then on the 3rd day I was getting much better.
I got home on Friday 8 January, and I feel perfectly well.
I started my pre-op diet on 21 Dec and weighed 132kg.
5 days after the op, I have not weighed myself, but I measured my belly, and I have lost 6cm already.
I shall wait and only weigh myself once a month. I shall post my results on 21 January.
Dr Cierny was an expert in his field with over 1000 of these operations already done. I booked him through company in London called Body Clinique. Katerina who owns Body Clinique is from Czech originally, meets patients at the airport in Brno and accompanies them to the hospital. She attends all the pre-op tests and translates for the patient if needed. There is no need for translator with dr Cierny as he speaks perfect English.
I would recommend Body Clinique, as Katerina is a delight, and will see to your every needs. When it is time to leave hospital, Katerina will collect the patient and return them to the airport at Brno.
Since the op, I am now on a liquid diet for a few weeks, and I do not feel hungry at all.


August 2015

After several years of research and flip-flopping about getting weight loss surgery, in July of this year I decided I would definitely go ahead and get it done.  I had taken a loan out of 11,000 euro to get the procedure done privately with an organization in Dublin, however, when I went to make my booking there were issues around blood supply to private hospitals and they could no longer offer the procedure.  So I contacted a consultant in Galway who works out of Galway hospital (non-private hospital) and he could do the procedure but it would have cost at least 16,000 euro, beyond my budget.   So, having made the decision but finding that it was not accessible in Ireland I looked abroad.  I settled on BodyClinique and Dr Cierny in the Czech Republic.  Cost was a significant factor, but also, Katerina Beckles was very professional and efficient.  Katerina responded to questions and concerns very promptly with very clear information.  I just felt that every question or concern I had was clearly answered in an honest and straight forward manner and I never once felt under any pressure to commit to anything without having as much time as I needed to decide. Once I got to the Czech Republic, Katerina was there to meet me at the airport and for the rest of my stay she was available whenever I needed her.  Katerina stayed with me all day Monday, for the day of tests, and it was lovely not to have to worry about where I was supposed to be and simply follow Katerina from specialist to specialist.  Dr Cierny himself was very nice person and happy to answer any questions and seemed quite concerned to make sure I understood what was happening.  I did not find the nurses or staff at all serious and austere as the Eastern European stereotype would have you believe, I found them very warm and caring.  The Hospital itself was clean, spacious and very quiet and restful.  It was the perfect place to get over an operation. On the journey home Katerina made arrangements for me to have wheelchair assistance all the way from Brno to Dublin, this was absolutely perfect.  I was worried about the trip home, but I needn’t have, as it went very smoothly and with the extra help I was well able to cope.  On my last flight from Stansted to Dublin I was thrilled to think that this would be the last time I would have to ask for a seat belt extension. It is now 2 weeks since I had a y en Roux bypass and I am recovering well without any complications.  But I would like to say that it is not easy, there is pain and discomfort.  Getting used to the new way of eating is difficult and there are times when I feel weak and light headed because I am eating so little.  But I have also lost the first 2 stone of the 11 stone I need to lose.  I still can’t believe how little I feel like eating, so although it’s a difficult thing to go through, for me, being so overweight was worse.  I know this is going to be a very effective tool to help me get my health and life back. If you are considering weight loss surgery abroad, I am very happy to recommend BodyClinique as an agency to help you achieve this.


June 2015

Had gastric wrap with Dr Cierny in June 2015. The team were wonderful I was anxious about going abroad as I hadn't told anyone I was going to have surgery. Katerina is a great communicator and replies to phone calls and emails promptly she is very efficient.
Katerina was amazing and so supportive. Her dad is a delight they met me at the airport the service is first class.
I've lost weight already almost a stone.
I highly recommend anyone who wants to seriously lose weight; to consider surgery with BodyClinique.
Katerina has checked up on me frequently and I consider her as my friend.


May 2015

I was feeling down because I have been YO YO dieting for years & was considering weight loss surgery & I am so glad to say I found BodyClinique & Katerina who owns the company they specialise in WLS & Cosmetic Surgery in Czech Republic. To say Katerina is patient-caring & an altogether lovely person is an understatement. Having met with Katerina at the airport she stayed with me through all my pre-op tests xrays etc & I met Dr Cierney a soft spoken but to the point gentleman who talked me through all my options - he has perfect English & I had a gastric sleeve Tuesday 26th June 2015. Katerina was like a Mum Hen looking after me from start to finish & now two & a half weeks later is still emailing me to make sure I'm ok, which I am. I can only say if anyone is considering weight loss surgery your 1st & last email or phone call should be to Katerina of BodyClinique as you will be cared for by her & Dr Cierney like a Queen or King from the moment you meet them. Dr Cierney actually comes to see his patients 4-5 times per day so his patient care is second to none & he has a wicked sense of humour. I have lost 1 stone since my surgery I know a lot of that will be fluid but I know I'm going to find the new inner me & this YO YO journey I have been on is over - thank you so much Katerina & Dr Cierney