If you have lost a lot of weight, whether through diet, exercise or surgery, you may find that you are left with excess skin which may hang in unattractive folds.

Very often, if you have a lot of lose skin, surgery is the only answer, no amount of cream or exercise can bring back the right tone and shape to your body.

With age, it can worsen and start to hang even more, limiting choices of clothing and causing embarrassment on the beach or at the swimming pool. Cosmetic surgery can help you achieve slim, toned thighs with specialist thigh lift surgery to remove the excess skin and tissue and reveal a slimmer, smoother shape.

Before the operation

The operation is performed under general anaesthesia, requiring 2-3 days of hospitalization. Prior to the operation full pre-op checks are required, including blood tests. In patients older than 35 years old a CT scan of lungs and hearth is also required. Patient should have an empty stomach – 8 hours before the operation patient must not eat, drink or smoke. Patient must not be suffering from any other illness such as urine infection, colds or skin infections.


Excess skin is removed from the inner thigh.  This may extend from the knee to the groin area.

Liposuction may be used if required to sculpt and shape the thighs to give a slimmer profile.

After removal of the excess skin and reshaping of the thigh area, the skin is carefully rejoined. The Surgeon will use great skill here to give the best possible result in shape and scarring. Immediately after surgery, the patient has a much slimmer upper leg shape. The scarring will improve and fade with time.

Possible complications

Post-operative bleeding

Swelling, discoloration, and tightness of skin for 10-14 days

Infection of the wound, Haematomas

After the operation

After surgery, you will have dressings placed on the incisions and absorbable sutures are used to close the incisions. Drainage may be used to remove any excess fluid within 1-2 days of surgery. You will normally be fitted with a support garment following surgery to gently compress the area as thigh lift surgery is often combined with liposuction. We advise you to gently mobilise in the first week following surgery. It is important to realise that there will be significant swelling in the region at this stage. Swelling may take 2-3 months to settle down.

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