Mastopexy lifts and reshapes your breasts through the removal of skin from underneath the breast or from around the areola.

Life events like pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight loss can lead to a loss of fullness in the breasts. As we age, our breasts can also lose their lift and shape. Breast uplift surgery can help women to feel more confident. The reasons why women choose to have breast uplift maybe the following:

A lack of firmness

Drooping or sagging breasts

Nipples pointing downwards

Changes to the appearance following weight loss

Many women who opt for mastopexy are happy with the size of their breasts. However, you can also combine breast uplift surgery with a breast enlargement or breast reduction procedure to achieve the aesthetic results you want.

Before the operation

The procedure is done under general anaesthesia with 1-2 days of hospitalization.

All pre-op checks are required including a baseline mammogram of the breasts

In patients older than 35 years old lung and hearth scan will also be required

No food or drink to be consumed at least 8 hours before the surgery.


Mastopexy lifts and reshapes your breasts through the removal of skin from underneath the breast or from around the areola (the darker skin surrounding your nipple). The remaining skin is then tightened and your surgeon will also re-position your nipples to sit higher on the breast to complete the procedure.

Several incisions on your breasts are to remove and tighten the skin. You may have opted to have a breast reduction at this stage to give your desired end result. Your nipples will be re-positioned and sometimes the areola area around your nipple will be reduced in size to suit your new breast shape.

Possible complications

Post-operative bleeding, or bleeding caused by insufficient post-operative care at home

Swelling, Wound rupture caused by physical strain

Prolonged healing (especially if you smoke)

Infection of the wound, Haematomas

Imperfect effect resulting from non-observance of the post-operative instructions

Scars will fade within several months to a year

After the operation

The breasts lift treatment requires two, sometimes three, overnight stays at the clinic and a two-week rest period. Special compressive bandages are worn. It is not advisable to sleep on the side and also all movements involving lifting arms up should be avoided (no heavy lifting, limit use of arms for

4-6 weeks). It is not recommended to visit a swimming pool in the first two months after the operation as there is a high risk of an infection.

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