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Tired face? Loose skin and wrinkles on your face may give other the impression that you are tired even thought you are not. This is caused by the skin loosing its elasticity and smaller amount of fat in the facial area. Our surgeons can repair this by performing a facelift. The result of this procedure is a fresher, natural and more youthful appearance.

Before the operation

The operation can be done under local anaesthesia, combined local and intravenous anaesthesia or general anaesthesia requiring 1-2 days of hospitalisation. Prior to the operation full pre-op checks are required, including blood tests. In patients older than 35 years old a CT scan of lungs and hearth is also required. Patient should have an empty stomach – 8 hours before the operation patient must not eat, drink or smoke. Patient must not be suffering from any other illness such as urine infection, colds or skin infections. One week before the operation patient must stop taking medication containing acid acetylsalicylic which causes bleeding.


Facelift is a surgical operation to remove wrinkles and other signs of aging from your face. Surgical cuts are situated just in front of the ear lobe or in suitable cases in the front corner of the ear lobe, that loosens the face and neck skin from the under-layer attachment of the face. This under-layer is then lifted and firmed by a special technique. The loosen skin is stretched and finely sewed in the above mentioned cuts. The procedure takes between 2 – 3 hours to complete depending on the extent of surgery.

Possible complications

Bleeding and possible thrombosis as with any operation

After the operation

The face is wrapped with an elastic bandage right after the surgery to prevent excessive bruising. This bandage is to be worn for two weeks after the operation during which time the post-surgery swelling and bruises absorbs. The patient normally feels all right after the procedure and experiences very little pain. The stitches are removed approximately after 2 weeks or there is a possibility of using special self-absorbing stitches. The process of healing takes about 4 weeks and for at least two month, the scars should not be exposed to solar radiation (no sun bathing or solarium).

Swelling could last for up to two weeks and there is little bleeding. The scars may change color during the healing process. This will fade overtime.